How to tell if a Mercedes is AMG?

The following list will tell you if your Mercedes is AMG. It involves checking your badge, engine, interior and documentation.

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Here is what you should check to check if your Mercedes is AMG.

  1. Badge - Your Mercedes is AMG if it features a badge or emblem on the exterior of the vehicle. It should appear at the back of the car showing ‘AMG’ in silver.
  2. Engine - AMG models have a much better performance, it is likely that your Mercedes is AMG if its engine power is stronger than other Mercedes vehicles.
  3. Interior - AMG models may have distinct interior features that differentiate them from regular Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Look for sportier seats, AMG-specific badging or logos on the seats, steering wheel, or instrument cluster, and unique trim or styling elements.
  4. Documentation - The vehicle's documentation, such as the owner's manual or service records, may provide information about the vehicle's AMG status. It can confirm if the vehicle is an official AMG model and provide further details about its specific features.
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