How to delete a playlist on Spotify?

To delete a playlist on Spotify using a mobile device, open the Spotify app, and tap on the ‘Your Library’ tab on the bottom of the screen. There you will see a list containing the playlists that you have created. Tap on the playlist that you want to delete, then tap on the three dots just above the ‘Add more’ button. Once you tap on the three dots, you will have different options, just tap on ‘Delete Playlist’ and your playlist will be deleted.

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To delete your Spotify playlist using a desktop device, open the Spotify app and locate your library. Click on the three dots next to ‘Play’ (the location of the three dots may vary depending on the current version of Spotify you own). After you clicked on the three dots, you will then get a drop-down menu, you will need to click on ‘Delete’, then you will be notified again to confirm that you want to delete the playlist. Just click on delete again and the playlist will be deleted.

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