How to change Netflix region?

The region or country cannot be changed on Netflix unless you live in that territory. However, there is a way for you to have virtual access to those territories without having to be physically in that area.

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To be able to change your Netflix location/region/country, you need to change your IP address with one that is in the desired location e.g. Italy, Germany, USA etc… So, depending on the device you are using: Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, PC, Apple TV, Amazon Fire-Stick etc… Each of these devices have a different procedure for the installation of a VPN, make sure you find a VPN that works on your device.

The following steps will allow you to change your IP address and therefore change your location virtually:

  • Download a VPN app such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN etc…
  • Sign up to the service and choose the plan that works best for you (some plans are free of charge but have some limitations)
  • Launch the app and follow the instructions and connect to a different location
  • Upon restarting Netflix with your new virtual location, you should be able to have access to that location’s shows

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